The Power of a Run

Today was a very stressful morning. I thought I was going to go crazy by the end of the day. My lovely dad had the great idea to use my lunch time to go for a quick run.  So I took his advice and went for a quick 30 min run around where I work. It is amazing how much better I feel. I did 3 miles in about 25 min. If I was running I wanted to make sure that I was going to feel better after so I made sure to push myself. Thanks for the great advice dad!


Half Marathon Training: Week -2

So I have two weeks before my training plans starts for the DC Nike Women’s Half. The training program I will follow is a combination of a few different 12 week programs that I have found. There were parts from each that I liked. It will include speed work, which is something I have not included in the past. I will post that program the sunday before I start.

These next two weeks I want to focus on building mileage, (I am not quite where I thought I was) and building core, shoulder and leg strength.

                                               Half Marathon Training: Week -2
                      AM Workout                  PM Workout
Monday 400m-1600m pyrimid + 1 mile
Tuesday  1 mile on pace +strength  3 miles + arms/shoulders/core
Wednesday  3 miles pace  Legs/Core
Thursday Total Body 3 miles pace
Friday Arms/shoulders/Core 3 miles
Saturday 4 miles Core/Legs
Sunday Rest Arms/shoulder/Core

On Saturday or Sunday I am going to go for a nice run through some of the Parks in SF. They are great places to run!

103 Days till DC

This first post will be short and sweet. I have been looking for a way to document all the cool places I have been running and the insanely interesting things I have been learning about nutrition and exercise physiology.  So, today I decided to start this blog! Woo Hoo!

I am running my third half marathon coming up this spring. A couple good friends and I are running the DC Nike Women’s Half. Here I will be sharing all of my training techniques. As well as photos from my runs and weekly workouts.

Countdown to DC : 103 Days!